Web Maintenance (AMC)


Web Maintenance (AMC)

Today your website plays a major role for your business marketing. You can’t bear significant issues with the website performance, especially due to slow site load speed, old backups.Every extra second leads to more loses in the conversion rate.

Old pages and out date content will reduce your traffic quickly. As user always needs fresh content, new information.Website maintenance contract/ AMC are a cost effective and it keeps your business website healthy, fresh, up-to-date with loads of new content with regular backups and effective.

Website maintenance is a continuous process of improving search engine position of your website. A fruitless and out dated website wouldn’t give you business.

Most of the companies or businesses have their website is facing this problem because they don’t have a dedicated person for website maintenance and it makes no sense also for small companies to hire a dedicate person only for website maintenance

Why WSNE Consulting

WSNE Consulting always kept clients need at priority. It provides fast and hassle free web maintenance service or AMC service, making it possible to keep your website up to date and professional. WSNE Consulting website maintenance team is consist of professional expertise each with good skill and experience in web designing.

We covers most web support needs and provide a complete package of web solutions to our clients. Our website maintenance and support service provides services to small companies to large organizations.So if you are having troubles handling the website maintenance or lack time to do so, leave it on us. We will take complete care of all those issues you are facing and you can completely focus on your business.

Why your website need maintenance

Risk of Damage to The Integrity of Your Website

The longer you wait, the more risk you have that you will encounter a problem when you finally update your site. The more often you update, the less likely problems will arise. Skipping updates is a big no-no because eventually, someday you’ll be forced into the new updates. And that one day, your risk is much higher because other modules will be out of date.

Fresh Content

Imagine going to a shop and finding same flavour of ice-cream every time. Sooner or later you will sure lose interest to going that store and check out some other shop who offers more flavours. Similarly you need to give something new to your website by adding new articles, images, contents, graphics. Fresh content attracts users and consistent traffic from users will convert to more business for your business.

Better Search Ranking

It is believed by many SEO experts that search engines rankings of your website can be improved with regular fresh content. Google crawlers give importance to those websites that provide relevant and update content. Regular website maintenance takes care of broken links and error pages.

Unusable Features & Poor Users

Website update provides new features and functionality to your website. If you are using an older version of word press, your overall experience will lot different and often slower than someone using the latest version.

Customer Experience

According to a report by Walker, by the year 2020 customer experience will be overtaking product and price as the critical differentiator for branding. Faster websites, user friendly web navigation and customized content are essential for enhanced customer experience.

Why you choose WSNE Consulting for your website maintenance?

• In case of any issue, we support immediately.
• Adding/Changing content to a page.
• To correct bugs and design problems.
• Updating images/Videos.
• Install/modify plug-ins and forms.
• Troubleshooting issues
• Latest announcement or information update on home page as per request
• Details about new opening in your company
• Graphic Design Support
• Online marketing campaigns
• Frequent analysis of your website performance and improvement
• No worry about renewal of Domain/hosting

User up-to-date website is very important from business prospective. Website maintenance service is a continuous process of improving and supporting a website to keep it working and up to date. Our website maintenance service and Website annual maintenance contract can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the full resource of time website design or website content.