Pre Build Application


Pre Build Application

WSNE Consulting provides the ability to create simple and affordable mobile applications for small businesses on their own. The mobile application platform enables small companies to create, edit and manage their iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web applications on-line on their own without any special programming knowledge. Currently, ordering a mobile application from developers costs dozens, or even hundreds of thousands of rubles.

And making any changes will also cost a round sum. Of course, large companies can afford such a luxury. What should small businesses do? After all, mobile applications are really a great way to find the way to the heart of your customers. Our WSNE Consulting mobile app system enables small companies to create high-end, feature-rich iPhone and Android apps. Moreover, a specialized platform offers a system for developing, hosting and promoting applications at the same level as large development companies offer, but at very affordable prices.

Who needs it and how much does it cost?

This technology is suitable, first of all, for small companies that seek to increase their presence and profit in the rapidly growing mobile market, but face the high cost of developing iPhone and Android applications. Such large amounts for creating applications can afford only large companies. WSNE Consulting is the perfect outlet for small businesses.

We provide the ability to create iPhone and Android applications on their own. You will need to make only a small monthly fee for maintaining the application, the ability to make any changes at any time, and the ability to send an unlimited number of push notifications.

What is the key technology for providing a company’s product or service?

WSNE Consulting's key application technology is our do-it-yourself mobile application platform. The platform allows companies to configure applications as they want and supports a lot of powerful functions: sending messages, registering coupons, notifying of new events, providing any business information, navigation, direct calls from a mobile application, integration with Facebook and Twitter, a variety of calculators, etc. A more complete list of features is here.

The great advantage of WSNE Consulting is that companies get the opportunity to make changes to their applications when they see fit in real time, without having to re-upload their applications to the iTunes App Store, where the approval process can take two weeks! Everything is extremely and extremely simple and convenient!