Cost Per Leads (CPL)


Cost Per Leads (CPL)

With the extensive growth of social media in today’s world, the relevance of CPL based social media campaigns has increased manifold. Everyone use social medias for different purpose which has create an opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services online so it is important to understand the meaning of cost per lead based campaign.

CPL(cost-per-lead) is a method where a customer pays for leads generated from advertising campaigns running on social media. Advertising on the internet has become a very important tool to stand out from your competitors and boost your business. It is important to learn the different ways to measure the outcome of those promotions or ads as it will help you to determine whether you can repeat your campaign or otherwise, discover what failed.

CPL is basically the cost paid for acquiring a new lead, which means getting data or information about a potential customer. A lead is an individual that has shown interest in your product or service. The purpose of CPL is such that it provides marketing team with a tangible figure so that they can understand how much money is appropriate to spend on acquiring a new lead.


Quality Traffic

Using such a method like CPL, you can get quality traffic at your website since the advertiser pays for the customer that is interested in their product or service.

Better Targeting Option

Better Targeting Option: Lead generation can help you to target accurately. Those visitors who have filled the form and has provide you the information about them, are more likely to become your customer.


WSNE Consulting provides both accountability and engagement in the CPL campaigns in the social media. Our Lead generation executive team understands the requirements of your business based on the type of audience. Some of the clients look for traffic, some for branding and some for lead generation. We create strategies according to your business products and services and focus on enhancing your business.