Video Creations


Video Creations

Custom videos

You are here because you need a video. We provide custom video creation services. Any product, product or service sells better if you place a video about the product next to the buy button. People are used to consuming “fast content,” so a minute and a half product video work are better than long text. We will be happy to help with the creation of such videos in Hindi, English and any other language!

Videos for apps, websites, and services

We make trailers, explainers and user stories for applications, sites, and online services. We pay special attention to ensuring that the video is not only beautiful “outside”, but also meaningful and logical “from the inside”. WSNE commercials sell because they clearly show the viewer a solution to his problem.

Mobile Application Videos

Video on the app page in the App Store and Google Play is a direct way to increase the rating, the number of downloads and purchases. Give your potential users an additional incentive to choose your application.

The App Store and Google Play have strict requirements for the format and content of downloaded videos. We know about them and immediately make videos that are successfully moderated.

Game Videos

We make trailer videos, teasers, gameplay videos, as well as screensavers and cut scenes for games. Game videos are our favourites. When creating them, we use graphics, characters, and art from the game, and as a result, the videos are beautiful and spectacular.

Image and branding videos

Image video forms a positive impression of the company on the viewer. This can be an animation of your logo, roller-reroll, roller-congratulations on public and corporate holidays, motivational videos for employees or any other video that "positively affects brand recognition and customer loyalty."

Video infographics

Data can be shown boring! If you have interesting unusual statistics, we will gladly make a video infographic on it. Hot topic plus non-obvious information - and the video has a chance to become viral and attract thousands of viewers.

And if you already have a successful static picture-infographic, we can make a video on it and double its success.

Video presentations

A presentation video is perfect if you need to talk in detail about your product and describe its features. The presentation clip can be used both for online promotion and product placement on the website, as well as for display at exhibitions, business meetings, as well as as a presentation for investors.

Video tutorials

If your product has more than one feature, most likely you need tutorials that educate the viewer on how to use the product. The tutorial will make a complex product closer and more understandable to the user. And for an undecided buyer, the section of the Video Tutorials website may become an additional incentive to purchase.

In the tutorials, we use relatively simple graphics, animation, and neutral music, so as not to distract the viewer from the essence of the video.

WSNE consulting provides Best and creative Video creation services. Feel free to ask anything you need to know.